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Afronomad came about mainly from the need to get away from the continuous cycle of work, sleep and not enough play. In a time where all you do is work and then try to squeeze time in for a social life and interests, discovery of the new and understanding of the old has became a pursuit. As an Afropean and art lover I am surrounded by endless culture and benefit from the huge investment in it in the South East of England. Trips to the midlands, the north and west of the U.K. opened my eyes to the vastness of difference.

As a second generation African in Europe we tend to skip places closest to us in our pursuit of sun, sand, safety and home but we (Africans) are everywhere and I wondered what it would be like to be in other cities in Europe filled with art, culture and whatever. A busy schedule and impatience restricts me from long-haul trips to far flung places (Asia, the Caribbean and Latin America) which I aim to see in time and especially the African continent. You see such amazing places on other platforms but these are for those who can give up work and wander the world.

But for some of us our journeys are shorter but no less meaningful, so join me and wander through Europe as a new and curious solo traveller before taking further leaps.