An Hour Away… Windsor

An Hour Away… Windsor

Less than an hour from London’s Waterloo station is Windsor and Eton Riverside for a view of the Queen’s favourite residence (it’s also the closest station to the castle). The train will take you through some of London’s nicest areas ie. Putney, Richmond and Twickenham. Windsor Castle was built in the 11th century by William the Conqueror. Its outlines can be seen from the moment you exit the station and it less than a five minute walk up the High Street.

I would advise that you instead take time to walk Thameside and enjoy the river views as well as establishments on the embankment, before venturing into the tourist trap that is the castle. The high street is atypical of most English towns….there’s a Nandos even. Go to the statue of Queen Victoria before the slope up Castle Hill. There was quite a crowd when I arrived as there was a wedding to be held there at the weekend.

There were tonnes of camera crews and union jack flags everywhere. Walking up Castle Hill there is a visitors centre and the prices for adults are £21.20 and £12.30 for children where you could visit a few state apartments, manicured gardens and St George’s Chapel. I opted out not being a fan of crowds and perhaps had there been no major event I would have ventured at least for the chapel as its where Henry VIII is buried as well as nine other monarchs.

I instead took the side road (St Alban’s Road) around the castle to Park Road past the Soldier’s statue turn left and you will see a charming flower covered pub called the Two Brewers before the entrance to Deer Park just outside the gates of the castle. I was immediately struck by how aptly named the road in the middle park was – The Long Walk – it looked so loonnnggg and at the end of it I was told there is a statue of the Copper Horse. I decided that I was’nt fit enough or frankly remotely willing to explore further and turned my attention to zooming in on this side of the castle.

Had I had more time I would like to say that I would have liked to have a picnic and games with friends in the park or thrown down a gauntlet for how long it would have taken to walk end to end. Windsor is small town hosting an iconic castle which is its main draw but you could if that way inclined visit the Windsor and Royal Borough Museum and pick up a trinket or two. I strolled back to the station via Thameside, enjoyed the river views before hopping back on the train.

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