Black is the New Black, National Portrait Gallery, Rm 33

Black is the New Black, National Portrait Gallery, Rm 33

Black History Month (BHM) again and it remains under constant attack by the forces of inclusion who are known to be selective of history (see here). I make an effort every year (its been 30 years in the U.K.) to attend at least a few events around the city. Hell I may learn something new and/or discover something I never thought about.

Its my way of supporting efforts at exposing the contribution made by US in this country. Considering 2018 has been an awful year for those of us of African-Caribbean heritage. The Windrush Scandal is a principal reason why BHM is of paramount importance as the casual erasure of our participation in building up the Empire is then enveloped into an anti-immigration narrative which is frankly racist.

The National Portrait Gallery was gifted a collection of photographs by Simon Frederick that were taken for a four-part TV series shown during BHM 2016 featuring Black British achievers in entertainment, politics, business and culture – you might recognise some of them. It is an update of Don McClellan’s Black Power portfolio 1998. Representation is so very important at a time where some want to ignore but appropriate and tell us how we ought to feel.

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