Exhibition Review: Kapoor, MAM St Etienne, France

Exhibition Review: Kapoor, MAM St Etienne, France

Actually found out through Instagram that Kapoor would be having an exhibition at MAM, St Etienne by chance. As I still have fond memories of attending his exhibition at the Royal Academy in 2009. It was one of the most breath-taking displays I had seen and made a lasting impact, especially Svayambh a monumental work which reminded me of Strauss’
Also sprach Zarathustra, I have no idea why (not I’m even into classical music) perhaps due to the fact that we just stood there waiting in awe.

Whilst staying in Lyon, I decided to hope on a train to St Etienne to see Kapoor’s My Red Homeland exhibition in honour of MAM’s (Musee D’Art Moderne et Contemporain) 30th anniversary (hop on the tram – T1 – from outside St Etienne train station). The exhibition was not as large as the Royal Academy but held in a large space before the permanent collection.

On first sight the pieces of wax on the wall reminded me of an abattoir which I’m not sure is what he was going for. My Red Homeland is a huge central installation with what looks like a mallet going round a mound of red wax. But the mirrors freaked me out I still don’t know how something convex could make my reflection look 3D. I have no insight into time and objects and tend to dismiss literal explanations of works as I would rather be guided emotionally by what I see, so I would advise you see for yourself.

The museum is situated in a field near a motorway (I know not exactly picturesque setting), the tram stops outside and you can take stairs or zig zag down a slope. The museum is worth a wonder and give yourself plenty of time as it houses a large collection of contemporary art from the likes of Scully, Oppenheim, Soulages, Stella to name a few. There is photography as well as objects from Eames, Le Corbusier et al…After spending almost three hours there I remember thinking how I had misjudged the size of the museum but that it also opened my eyes to artists and movements I had previously ignored.

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