Got to centre of town –Nyhavn (Kongens Nytorv station) its a warm sunny day. Its packed and throbbing with activity, once out of the station couldn’t see the palace due to construction work being done. So onto the port, on the right there was the Kulture Institute which was showing an exhibition by Ai Wei Wei – stuffed lifejackets in the windows. Walked down and saw the various restaurants which were not going to get any custom from me as I would like to actually have some money to return home with. The bridge at the end of the port was pretty cool and on the other side there was a mix of converted buildings and residential homes for people who can actually afford boats.

Christiania – the Old hippy hangout (being gentrified by the Bearded youth) where weed is sold and smoked overlooking a lake. I walked down to the end which was the back of a row of house, there were small groups of people hanging out in the bushes.

Walked back on myself as there was no way out and instead went through staged area (no one was performing), rows of canteen tables and benches. I think its becoming gentrified there wasn’t an authentic hippy in sight, more like circus or fair workers. Once out past a great graffiti there’s a church with golden spire or bells. The air is getting to me.

A lovely but expensive city and contrary to popular opinion in London, Louisiana Museum (catch train from Copenhagen Central to Helsingor and get off at Humlaek) is nowhere near Copenhagen its in the countryside as the understanding ticket inspector informed me.